Thursday, April 22, 2010

32 WEEKS!!!

And here we are at 32 weeks already! WOW! Time is going by SOOO fast! I am now officially feeling huge. I don't think this picture does it justice... lol. Brandon is posing by our new DERTON name thingy... so I guess the house is officially "ours" now! :) And then there are some more pictures of the pretty sky last night and our still snow capped mountains! So pretty! (BTW, these pictures were taken at 9 o'clock last night! The sun is now making it's presence known MUCH more often!!! YAY!) Well, thanks for checking the blog... sorry I'm Horrid about updating! Have a blessed rest of your day and know that we serve a GREAT God who cares about ALL of our needs! Love ~Cortney, Brandon, Rascal, Lucy, and (almost) Zion Miles
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Nick and Wendy Vander Sys said...

Awe, you look so lovely! Thanks for the pictures! The landscape pics are beautiful! I can't believe they were taken at 9!! Crazy how different our worlds are, yet we all live in one world!