Friday, January 15, 2010


.............ZION MILES DERTON!!!!! He stuck his little tongue out at us at the very end of the ultrasound... you can kindof tell in this picture!
Zion's perfect little profile!

A Perfect little ear!

And an amazingly perfect little spine, legs and feet all tucked up!!!

And his little hand waving to us!!! And his whole little legs!

Our perfect little boy! :) We could not be any more excited!!! Brandon has truely not stopped grinning since the ultrasound! lol. The ultrasound was just the most amazing experience EVER and we already feel like we know a little bit about his little personality! The tech said that he was the most stubborn/ shy little guy that she's ever seen. It took an hour and a half to see his face and to see for sure that he's a little guy... he very stubbornly kept his legs tightly closed and his perfect little hands right there, lol. It was very funny and amazing to see how truly perfect God has created him in there! AND that night Brandon was able to feel him moving( more like flipping) aroung in there! It was awesome! And we just sat there and actually watched my tummy move as he kicked and sprawled around in there! He is definately an active little guy! :) Especially b/c he still only weighs a half a pound and is only 6 inches long!!! Just amazing! In the next 2 week he will be doubling in size!!! That's CRAZY!!! Alrighty... well enjoy these AWESOME pictures of our little Zion Miles! Much love and blessings to each of you! xoxo ~Cortney, Brandon, AND little Zion! :)

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