Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WoW! 22 is OLD...

...Just Kidding!!!

My birthday bear!!!
My babies!!!! (she's getting SO big!!!)
My special card that he picked out!!!
Yay!!!... A vanilla cupcake yankee candle, that he picked out ALL by his self!!!
My amazing hubby!!!... And his OLDER wife... lol!!!

I had a wonderful, wonderful birthday yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who wished
me a HAppy happy Birthday! And a special THANK YOU to my hubby! I just have to brag on him
a bit. He is amazing! He worked hard yesterday to make my day very special! Yay! He even baked
me a cake!!! And a tasty cake at that! He decorated the house and wrapped and hid a bunch of
presents around the house and EVEN wrapped up our front door in cool birthday paper!!! I'm SO
blessed! :) Also, some of my wonderful Kodiak girlies took me to lunch at the Powerhouse and we
too had a wonderful special afternoon eating chocolate and window shopping! They also convinced
me to eat my very first SUSHI!!! Ahhh! BUT, I actually kinda liked it! Never thought I'd say that,
but I did!!! I even especially liked the little yellow fish eggs that it was rolled in!Yuck, but kinda Yummy!
Not sure that I'll order it ALOT, but I did try it! I continue to surprise myself! :) Again, I'm SO
VERY blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful people!!! After I opened some presents,
Brandon took me on a bear hunt! (LOL, we go looking for bears basically every week, but we
never see anything!) We drove around for an hour and didn't see anything, but right before we
got home...THERE HE WAS! Just a little guy looking for some salmon, but we saw him!!! Yay!
It was a special birthday treat!! My first Kodiak Bear sighting!!! :) I ended the day with my
favorite ice cream EVER and some yummy cake! Well, I'll update with more later. We are going
halibut fishing tomorrow and we also have a Brandon Heath concert tomorrow night! The island is
very excited that he is coming to Kodiak!!! Another special treat!!! Oh! I forgot to say what Brandon
got me! He over did it a bit, lol, but I got: some Bath & Body works lotion and soap, 2 C.G. tee shirts,
a Yankee Candle, a cool bucket thingy that matches my kitchen, some candy and gum, the new Wii
Sports Resort (which I'm a bit upset about b/c that's what I was getting HIM for HIS b-day),
and a very special little mirror plaque thing that is very special. I will post a pic sometime.
Yup, yup. So my husband really spoiled me! I married a very special guy! :) Ok, I will try to be updating
more often. So sorry! Love you all!!!
~Cortney, Brandon, Rascal & Lucy!


Nick and Wendy Vander Sys said...

yey for pictures and birthdays!! Love the bear!! too cute!! Glad you had a lovely day!! :)

nikki said...

I love that pic of you and Lucy together!