Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Introducing... Miss Lucille Ball!!! AHH!

We got a puppy!!! I've never had a puppy!!!! AhhhH!! Our friends Jenny and Ty had puppies about 10 weeks ago(well they didn't, but their dogs did, lol) about the time that we got here, and we've been admiring them, but recently we've just felt that God opened up the doors and said, "ok, go get her!!!" YAY! So this is Miss Lucille Ball!!! I LOVE our Lucy! She is just adorable! The perfect little puppy and we are IN LOVE! She is a Cocker Spaniel! Aww... and Rascal LOVES her! YAY! An answer to prayer for sure! Ok, well we're gonna go play with her some more!!! Yay! Thanks for looking! Love ya'll! xoxo ~Cortney, Brandon, Rascal, AND Lucy!!!

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Nick and Wendy Vander Sys said...

aw, congrats Derton family!! A puppy should keep ya'll very busy!! How fun! I'm trying to convince Nick to let us get a new kitten!! I've already choosen a name for it Mako!! And if Nick gets a dog we'll name it Marlin!! Mahi, Mako, and Marlin!! (They're all fish names!!) lol! I'll let you know how all that goes! But, in the mean time enjoy the playful stage b/c they grow up sooo fast!!!