Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful Kodiak Island!!!


Yesterday was Brandon's day off and we were blessed to have the opportunity to drive out to the edge of our new home! It is about an hour and a half from where we live to the end of the road! It is called Pasagshack and it is absolutely beautiful! Pictures DO NOT do it justice!
Here are just a few... but cannot wait for ya'll to come and see for yourselves! We are excited to go back when it is all green! It is just starting to turn green now. Yup yup. There are buffalo out there also!!! Weird, but very cool! :) And here is a far away of a bald eagle. They are EVERYWHERE! Yup, beautiful! Ok, well, off to the shoulder docter I go! I hurt it at work the other day, and they thought I tore the rotater cuff...but i'm claiming healing and that's that! :) We are doing really good though... sorry I haven't posted more but thanks so much for checking in! We love you and just call whenever :) !!! xoxo

~Cortney, Brandon, and Rascal

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nikki said...

Awe, ya'll are the cutest little family! I love all the pics you post on your blog! They're always so beautiful! Congratulations on the new home and everything. I'm glad God has blessed you all in so many ways:) Take care!!